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Artículo Tomo 69, Número. 9, Noviembre 2016

Archivos Españoles de Urología

Is CAPRA-S score a valid tool in our environment to predict biochemical recurrence, metastasis and death after radical prostatectomy?

Authors: Rubén G. Bengió, Leandro Arribillaga, Verónica Bengió, Ariel Montedoro, Hernán García Önto, Javier Epelde, Esteban Cordero, Guillermo Oulton y Rubén H. Bengió.

Arch. Esp. Urol. 2016; 69 (9): 621-626

Vol. 69, Number. 9, November 2016

OBJECTIVES: To perform an external validation of CAPRA-S Score to determine prediction of biochemical recurrence, metastasis and death by PCa after RP in Argentinian population.

METHODS: 216 patients were studied. The probability of the score to predict biochemical recurrence after RP was analyzed by the Cox proportional method. Biochemical recurrence, metastasis and cancer specific free survivals were determined by Kaplan method. The accuracy of CAPRA-S score to predict biochemical recurrence, metastasis and death by PCa was made in accordance with Harrells concordance index.

RESULTS: Median follow up was 74 months. Biochemical recurrence index increased proportionally bioquíwith the increment of CAPRA-S score. In the stratification of patients in low, intermediate or high risk, biochemical recurrence free rates were 85%, 54% and 4% respectively. Concordance index (C-Index) for biochemical progression, metastasis and death by PCa were 0.85, 0.90 and 0.90 respectively.

CONCLUSIONS: CAPRA-S score is an easily applicable tool and has high predictive accuracy to determine biochemical recurrence, metastasis and death by PCa probabilities in our population. Concordance Index in these variables was higher than 0.85.


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