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Artículo Tomo 69, Número. 8, Octubre 2016

Archivos Españoles de Urología

Impact in the quality of life of the patients with double J catheter.

Authors: G. Ordaz-Jurado, A. Budía-Alba, P. Bahilo-Mateu, J.D. López-Acón, M. Trassierra-Villa y F. Boronat-Tormo.

Arch. Esp. Urol. 2016; 69 (8): 471-478

Vol. 69, Number. 8, October 2016

OBJECTIVE: Double J ureteral stents are frequently used to allow free diuresis from the kidney to the bladder, but their presence has a major impact on patient`s quality of life (QoL). Our aim is to describe such impact, and to describe possible solutions that can alleviate the symptoms associated with their use.

METHODS: Systematic search in bibliographic sources including Cochrane library, UpToDate, Pubmed, Tripdatabase, selecting publications between 2000- 2015, and also the EAU European guidelines (2016). Studies that assessed QoL with double J stents and possible solutions were selected.

RESULTS: We included 6 qualitative studies on QoL, 6 clinical trials of double J catheters new designs, and 3 systematic reviews. Most studies used the USSQ (QoL) questionnaire and main problems are described, being storage symptoms and pain the most frequent and important. Possible solutions include modifications in design and composition of the catheter and specially, the use of alpha-blockers and anticholinergics to improve QoL.

CONCLUSION: Double J stents have an important symptomatic impact that impairs QoL. They should be used under appropriate indication; their duration should be limited and we must employ all the technological and pharmacological approaches to mitigate their effects.


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