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Multifilament polypropylene mesh with exteriorization of the silicone anchorage to the vagina.

Authors: Vicente Solą Dalenz, Jack Pardo Schanz, Paolo Ricci Arriola y Enrique Guiloff Fische.

Arch. Esp. Urol., 60, 9 (1.099-1.103), 2007

Vol. 60, Number. 9, November 2007

OBJECTIVES: To describe the failure of one case of suburethral tape for the correction of the stress urinary incontinence with the multifilament Sapphire VS (vaginal-suprapubic approach) system after 34 months of good outcome.
METHODS: Description of the case and its resolution.
RESULTS: The patient presented with a descent of the lateral fixation and erosion of the vaginal mucosa with exposure of the mesh and infection. The silicone fixation system, which was loose, was retrieved very easily and a new suburethral mesh with the system TVT-O was inserted; the patient recovered continence as before.
CONCLUSIONS: Synthetic mesh in the suburethral tape systems for stress urinary incontinence correction should be polypropylene, macropore and monofilament. These characteristics enable better bio integration, theoretically reducing the number of complications (vaginal wall erosion, exposition and over infection). In relation with the failure of the silicone fixation system, no other casers have been reported in follow-up studies between 12 and 36 months (mean follow-up 14 and 18 months), so hat studies with long-term follow-up will be able to determine if this is an isolated case or there will be others.

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