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Artículo Tomo 71, Número. 1, Ene/Feb 2018

Archivos Españoles de Urología

The current urological training program in Spain. Urology National Specialty Commission.

Authors: José Ramón Cortiñas-González y Laura Pesquera-Ortega.

Arch. Esp. Urol. 2018; 71 (1): 34-39

Vol. 71, Number. 1, Jan/Feb 2018

OBJECTIVES: 44/2003 Law involved the creation of the National Council of Specialties in Health Sciences and the National Commissions of the Specialties in Health Sciences.

METHODS: Analysis of the main laws implicated in Specialized Training and the role of the National Specialty Commission.

DISCUSSION: 44/2003 Law regulates the training of health professionals and establishes the procedure for the training programs creation by the National Specialty Commission and its later approval and publication in the BOE. Access to specialized training will be carried out with the annual and national MIR exam. The Health Ministry establishes the criteria for educational centers accreditation, and the National Specialty Commission issues a favorable or unfavorable report as advisor about new accreditation requests. 183/2008 RD develops the tutor figure, the formative evaluation through the Resident’s Book and how will be like the external rotations.

CONCLUSIONS: to understand the Urology’s specialty training system we must know the laws that regulate it, being the most important the 44/2003 Law. The National Specialty Commission is an advisory party of the Ministry, whose main function is to elaborate the Urology training program and to establish the evaluation criteria of the specialists in formation.


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