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Artículo Tomo 70, Número. 6, Jul/Ago 2017

Archivos Españoles de Urología

Adult type granulosa cell testicular tumor. Case report and bibliographic review.

Authors: Elisa Meilán, Cristina Esquinas, Ignacio Romero, Joanny Duarte y Ana García-Tello.

Arch. Esp. Urol. 2017; 70 (6): 617-620

Vol. 70, Number. 6, Jul/Aug 2017

OBJETIVE: To describe the adult type granulosa cell testicular tumors (classified as sex cordstromal tumor) due to their behavior, hardly known with a small number of cases reported.

METHOD: We report a new case of a 59-year-old man presenting an adult type granulosa cell tumor of the testis (AGCTT), painless, with a 3.3 centimeter intratesticular heterogeneous mass on ultrasound, with solid and cystic areas. Serum tumor markers and extension study were negative.

RESULTS: Histologic and inmunohistochemical studies confirmed an AGCTT, similar to its ovarian counterpart.

CONCLUSION: AGCTT are rare neoplasms with unpredictable behavior. Their metastatic potential has been described, reason why they need a long follow-up; however, they usually have a good prognosis.


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