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Artículo Tomo 70, Número. 4, Mayo 2017

Archivos Españoles de Urología

Buccal mucosa graft for the treatment of long ureteral stenosis: Bibliographic review.

Authors: Gema del Pozo Jiménez, Ignacio Castillón-Vela y Joaquín Carballido Rodríguez.

Arch. Esp. Urol. 2017; 70 (4): 445-453

Vol. 70, Number. 4, May 2017

OBJECTIVE: To perform a literature review on the use of buccal mucosa graft (BMG) in the treatment of extensive ureteral stenosis, according to the criteria of Evidence Based Medicine.

METHODS: Pubmed search of published studies with the following keywords: “ureteral stricture treatment”, “buccal mucosa graft ureteral treatment” and “buccal mucosa graft ureteroplasty”, without time limits, in English and Spanish; 12 articles were identified with a total of 48 cases (46 patients) of BMG use in ureteral repair. RESULTS: The main etiologies of ureteral stenosis, where BMG has been applied, have been iatrogenic and inflammatory strictures. This graft has been used complicamainly in proximal or middle ureter stenosis, as a patch according to onlay technique or as a tubularized graft. Early and late complications of the procedure have been reported in 16.7% and 10.4%, respectively, with a restenosis rate of 6.25%. A 91.6% success rate was observed with this technique, with an average follow-up time of 22 (3-85) months.

CONCLUSIONS: The findings of the present review do not justify the universal use of BMG in all ureteral strictures, particularly in the absence of long-term followup, but still provide evidence that BMG can be effectively used in extensive ureteral strictures.


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