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Artículo Tomo 71, Número. 1, Ene/Feb 2018

Archivos Españoles de Urología

Job status after the resident training period in Spain. Analysis of a national survey.

Authors: Miguel García Sanz, Moises Rodríguez Socarrás, Leonardo Tortolero Blanco, Laura Pesquera- Ortega, Juan Colombo y Juan Gómez Rivas.

Arch. Esp. Urol. 2018; 71 (1): 40-45

Vol. 71, Number. 1, Jan/Feb 2018

OBJECTIVES: Since the establishment of specialization of medicine through the residency system, Spanish health care has sought to maintain a balance between established needs and trained professionals, with the aim of avoiding the deficit or excess of healthspecialists with its consequences. The objective of the present review is to know the working conditions of urologist specialists at the end of the residency training period.

METHODS: The results of a survey for urologist who completed their residency contract from 2012 to 2016 are presented, assessing working status, academic and working data during the first months after the completion of specialized training.

RESULTS: A total of 42 surveys were collected. All respondents had a working contract within 6 months of completing their training. 71% had a temporary contract, most with duration of less than one year. There are more contract numbers in the public health system, although they increase progressively in the private sector. More than half of the respondents were satisfied with their work situation.

CONCLUSIONS: The work insertion of the recently specialized urologists is high, reaching 100% within 6 months of finishing their specialization. Labor quality issues are not so positive, observing great working instability associated to a high proportion of temporary contracts lower than 6 months.


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