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Artículo Tomo 71, Número. 7, Septiembre 2018

Archivos Españoles de Urología

Evanescent carcinoma of the prostate. Incidence, clinical and histopathological characteristics.

Authors: Randick León, Alessandri Rafael Espinoza, Jasson Lavi Polar, Samer Houda y Antonio León.

Arch. Esp. Urol. 2018; 71 (7): 583-587

Vol. 71, Number. 7, September 2018

OBJECTIVE: To determine the incidence and clinical and histopathological characteristics of patients with prostatic evanescent carcinoma in the Urology Department of the Hospital Universitario de Caracas. METHODS: We reviewed the medical records of 257 patients undergoing radical prostatectomy for a previous diagnosis of prostatic carcinoma in the period January 2010 to June 2016. RESULTS: Four patients had evanescent carcinoma corresponding to 1.55%, similar to documented studies, thus maintaining their percentage of appearance in time. Adenocarcinomas are usually associated with Gleason scores ≤6, but they can present in carcinomas with less differentiated histopathological pattern, like Gleason 7 (3 + 4). CONCLUSIONS: In the pathological study of the specimen of radical prostatectomy of patients with evanescent carcinoma, it is advisable to apply additional immunohistochemistry technique or seek for a second pathological opinion, to confirm this entity, and to rule out a technical or interpretation failure.

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