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Send your article through Archivos Españoles de Urología`s web:

Clicking on the EDITORIAL MANAGER™ icon. Follow the instructions indicated by the system. You will find more information at: Authors tutorial and Reviewers tutorial.
The first time you enter, you should register selecting the option REGISTER from the heading and enter the data required. Once registered you will receive an email with your user name and password.
If you are registered click on login and introduce user name and password and select the option Author. Follow the steps the system indicates.
You will be able to follow the status of your manuscript.
If you had any doubt or question you can call phone number + 34 91 535 78 92 from 9:39 to 16:30 or send your question by email to the following addresses: or


1. All manuscrips should be original. They should not have been published before or be simultaneously presented to another journal. Once they have been accepted they will be property of this Journal and they cannot be reprinted without explicit authorization of Archivos Españoles de Urología (Iniestares S.A.U).

2. Manuscripts should be submitted in Spanish or English or both (including tables, graphs, figure feet, etc). If you send the manuscript in the English version only it will be published in the International Section both in the printed and on-line versions.

3. Archivos Españoles de Urología will acknowledge, through Editorial Manager™ the receipt and subsequently acceptation or refusal of the manuscript.Archivos Españoles de Urología reserves the right to refuse manuscripts not considered appropriate for publication as well as to suggest changes of the manuscript when the Editorial Board considers it necessary.Archivos Españoles de Urología is not responsible for opinions expressed by any author.

4. Authors are exclusive responsible of all opinions, conclusions and methods presented in their manuscripts. The first Author will be responsible of correspondence and will be the one receiving all communications in relation to the article and the PDF.


Manuscript submission will be performed through our web, from the section Information for Authors, following the Editorial Manager™ System. To access the system you have to log in with your password. Prepare your text archives as Word documents (.doc; .docx is not admitted), figures as jpg or tiff with the highest possible quality, and tables and graphs (if there are any) can be included in the text or be sent apart. Once you access Editorial Manager, you should fill all sections that appear for your article. Type of article, Title, Abstract, Keywords, authors´ names and Work center (in this section and further on the «Identification Sheet» are the only sites where you will enter this information because no identity data can be contained in the article text in order to have it anonymously reviewed by our Peer Review Committee.

You should send in independent archives

Archive or Document 1 "Agreement Letter ":

In this document you will include the agreement of all authors for the publication of the article, a declaration stating that the manuscript is original and has not been either edited, or sent to any other publication, and it is not under evaluation by any other scientific journal.
The transference of copyright to Archivos Españoles de Urología will be stated, as well as a declaration of being free of any personal or commercial association that could be conflict of interests in connection with the submitted article, and that research ethical principles have been respected.
In the case that part of the article had been previously published in any other publication, it must be specified and appropriate publication permits from both the author and editor are required.

Archive or Document 2 "Identification sheet":

This identification sheet includes: Manuscript title, name and Family name (in case you have two, use hyphen to separate them), complete address of the work center, city and country, as well as phone number and E-mail address. If you change your e-mail address please enter the system and modify it because it is the way for correspondence for any communication about your article.

If you want the authors´ position mentioned make a footnote. Grants, financial support for the completion of the work, Drugs, etc will be mentioned in this page.

Note: For anonymous review of your article, this is the only document where your data appear because the system will automatically produce a PDF and will send it for review.

Archive or Document 3.- Manuscript

1 The First page will include:

  • The title, clear and concise, perfectly describing the article contents.
  • The Abstract, with a maximal extension of 300 words. It will have the following sections: OBJECTIVES, METHODS, RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS. It should not include bibliographic citations.
  • Keywords: 3 to 6 maximum. They can be obtained in the Medical Subject Headings (MeSh) of the Index Medicus (

2. Text. The text of the manuscript should be divided following the classic scheme for scientific original articles: Introduction, Presentation, Material (Patients) and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and bibliographic References. Maximum word count is 3,000 words for original articles, and 4,500-5,000 words for review articles.

3. References References should comply with the international standards. Thirty references is the maximum number for original articles, for reviews the maximum is 50 references.
Mark with an asterisk (*) references of special interest and two asterisks (**) for essential reading or extraordinary interest. It is not necessary to mark all references.
References will appear in the order they appear in the manuscript and NOT in alphabetic order.
Journals references: Family name and initials of all authors (List all of them up to six; if they are more than six follow the list by et al); Title in the original language; Journal abbreviation following the Index Medicus/Medline. (You can see the List of Journals published yearly by Index Medicus or visit the webpage
Year of publication, Volume number, first and last page.
If you need more information you can consult examples of references and formats in and the Vancouver standards in
Book references
List Family name and initials of all authors, book title in its original language, Publisher, city, year and page numbers.
Electronic Journal references:
List family name and initials of all authors, name of the electronic Journal, date of consultation and website address.

4. Footnotes Include figure footnotes in the text of the manuscript

Archive 4.-Figures (Optional)

The Figures. Following the steps for manuscript submission, the program will ask you to upload the archives of the different figures of the manuscript. The can come in the text archive.
Send the figures with the highest possible resolution and quality. The journal reserves the right to refuse the figures that consider not having enough quality or inappropriate, as well as if the manuscript includes an excessive number of figures.
The journal will also decide when the figures will go on color and when on black and white Case reports are published on black and white, with some exceptions.
Figures must be perfectly numbered and identified. Figure footnotes will come in the manuscript archive.

Archive 5.-Table (Optional)

Tables. They will be included separately, with their corresponding title, with a numbering independent of the figures and with roman characters. They can go in the text archive. If you send them in an independent archive don`t forget numbering and title.


They must be concise and report at least 2 cases.
They must comply with the rules and submission methods presented before, complying with the following format: Introduction, case description, discussion and conclusions.
Maximum length is 6 typed pages, with a maximum of 4 or 5 illustrations and 10 bibliographic citations. The abstract will not exceed 150 words.
The number of authors for Case Reports must be tried to be reduced to 4, with a maximum of 6.
The Editor will evaluate the publication of a unique case report depending of the peculiarity and rare occurrence of it.

They must comply with the rules and submission methods presented before.
The text must be a short description of the images showed. Maximum words count 300 words.
The Editor will choose the number of images accepted by article, depending on its extension, and they have to come perfectly identified, with their footnotes.
We advise to send a maximum of 4-5 pictures.
Images will be sent as jpg or tiff archives, with the highest quality.
They must not include abstract or keywords.
They can include bibliography with a maximum of 3 references.

They must comply with the rules and submission methods presented before. The manuscripts sent in English only will be necessarily published in the International Section and will be published only in this language both in the paper and on-line versions.

The Journal Archivos Españoles de Urología appoints a «Guest Editor» who is the only responsible for the content of the issue. The Guest Editor chooses the authors that cooperate in the topic of the different articles of the issue, cover photo, number and order of the articles. All manuscripts in the monographs must comply with the rules presented in the previous sections. They will be sent by E mail to

Section of the Journal/ Classification

1. Special Article/Editorial
2. History of Urology
3. Experimental Urology and Research
4. General Urology
5. Oncologic Urology
6. Urolithiasis
7. Transplantation
8. Neurologic Urology and Urodynamics
9. Pediatric Urology
10. Endourology and SWL
11. Laparoscopy and Robotics
12. Andrology
13. Surgical Techniques
14. Diagnostic techniques
15. International Section
16. Case reports
17. Images in Urology
18. Letters to the Director/Editor
19. Bibliographic reviews
20. Obituary
21. News and Calendar

Each annual volume of Archivos Españoles de Urología is composed of ten issues (Occasionally some may be monographs). The publication of each of them will adjust to the dates of January-February, March, April, May, June, July-August, September, October, and November-December.

Once the manuscript is sent the Editorial Manager system will produce a PDF document that you, as author, must approve; once approved it passes to the Editor who assigns you a number and decides the reviewers that will evaluate your work. At all times, and through the system, you can consult the state of your manuscript (introducing in the LOGIN your username and password). Once the peer-Review process is finished, the assigned Editor for your article will send you the decision and comments of the reviewers if appropriate.

When you send back again the article reviewed, you must include a list with the changes or arguments to every point requested by the reviewer, please. Include it as first page of the manuscript and mark in green on the article the changes introduced for reviewer 1, in red those of reviewer 2 and in yellow the changes for reviewer 3.

If the article is accepted it passes to publication; if changes are necessary, you must do so in the time indicated and send the manuscript back, always through the system. In this case the manuscript should never be submitted as a new one to avoid duplication, you must access the system with your login and submit it again, once the changes are done, from the option Submissions Sent Back to Author.

The proofs will be sent to the first author by e-mail. These proofs must be returned within the deadline indicated (2-3 days later) to the E-mail address where they were sent. Minimal corrections may be performed by phone.

In the case corrections have not been done adequately the first author is responsible for the errors appearing in the final publication and the wrong position of the figures. Contact: 616 92 44 91

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